Chicken Boarding

"Check in at the Chicken Hotel"

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Hens are housed in either an Omlet ‘Eglu classic' chicken house’ or a Green Frog ‘Eco hen house’. Each hen house has a spacious run, and an exterior electric fence for added protection. Houses are cleaned regularly, and fresh shavings laid down. All houses are jet washed and sanitised, between each occupation.

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Hens will be fed high quality layers pellets. If your hens are subject to a special diet, please bring a sufficient amount with you to last them for the duration of their stay.

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All hens are shut in at night, and released into their own run each morning. We will collect any eggs laid by your chickens, and give them to you upon your return.

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For those clients with 8 large chickens (or 10 small chickens), we can offer an Omlet ‘Cube’ with walk in run - subject to availability.


Our Silver Laced Wynandottes in the Eglu Cube with walk-in-run.