Poultry For Sale

Poultry For Sale

Blue Laced Wyandotte
Silver Laced Wyandotte

Gold Star
Gold Star Pullet

Black Star
Black Star Pullet

White Star
White Star Pullet

Cheshire Blue Pullet

Point-of-Lay Hybrid Pullets

All of our hens are 16 weeks+ and are fully vaccinated.
Please ring for availability.

Silver and Blue Laced Wyandottes - £40 - ‘Phone for availability’

Gold Star - £18
- ‘Available from Spring 2017

They are docile hens which lay brown eggs, 330+ per year. Ideally suited for first time and young keepers.

Black Star - £20
- ‘Available from Spring 2017

Bred from a Rhode Island Cockerel and a Barred Plymouth Rock Female. Laying around 290-300 brown eggs per year, she is very hardy and placid. Ideal for all free range conditions.

White Star - £20 - ‘Available from Spring 2017

A beautiful white leghorn, laying 300-320 eggs per year.

Cheshire Blue - £25 - ‘Available from Spring 2017

A popular blue egg laying hybrid (although occasionally lays white eggs).
Similar in size to the White Star, but with a crested head and a
few blue specks in amongst white feathering.

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